Comic-Con memorables 2005

Since Comic-Con is coming up tomorrow I thought I’d post some quotes that I overheard last year at the Con:

14 year-old boy with a lisp:

L. Ron Hubbard is rad!

8 year-old boy after seeing the action figure (how a kid that young got to see the movie is beyond me):

Look mom, Scarface!

Overhead pages:

Craven Moorehead to the front desk

Nick Unt to the front desk

(It used to be that they didn’t do any overhead pages so we missed out on all this fun)

Interesting Products
Sota Toys had a neat Johnny Cash protoype figure and when I checked the web site today they are offering it as a Con exclusive this year. They also have a kick-ass Cthuhlu figure that I really want now that I’ve seen it.

The Ugly Dolls were kind of fun.

1000 Steps to World Domination looks like a good read.

The Bolt Gallery has some neat stuff but most of their site is broken right now. I actually have a cool Alien-looking guy from the county fair last year that looks very similar but is dark gray instead of chrome.

I wrote down the Rix Products address after buying the Futurama trash can from someone there. They have a bunch of other pop culture stuff like Family Guy, South Park and The Simpsons so click around.

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