Milo is here

Two weeks ago we adopted Milo from the same animal shelter where we got Sara. Milo is a Chihuahua mix, we first thought it was with Dachshund but now we think he might be part Toy Manchester Terrier. He weighs a paltry seven pounds so he’s easy to handle with one hand.

Milo is the most affectionate dog I’ve ever met, from the first two minutes we sat with him at the shelter he was licking our faces like there’s no tomorrow. He’ll go up to complete strangers and go on a lick-fest.

Milo on my chest:
Milo on my chest

Same with Sara in the background:
Milo, Sara and Me

And yes that’s a Philip doll for the dogs to play with (he came with Terence for only ten bucks). You can also barely see my Chinpokomon pants if you look closely.

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