Homeowners fined for peace wreath

This is just crazy, an HOA decided to fine a couple for displaying a holiday wreath that looks like a peace sign.

Homeowners’ Association President Bob Kearns said Wednesday that the board had required another resident to remove peace symbols a week before, and that property owner complied.

Jensen said the other property owner, a neighbor, had sunk skis marked with peace symbols in his driveway as driveway markers. She said the neighbor told her he was informed that residents were offended by the posting of the peace symbols “while our country is at war.”

Apparently even though we are fighting for peace in Iraq it’s not okay to show your feelings about peace here at home. They want to fine her $25/day until she takes it down. It’s too bad the other neighbor caved in and took down their peace symbols.

And talk about ham-fisted rulers:

On Wednesday, every member of the subdivision’s five-person Architectural Control Committee was asked to resign when they collectively opposed the decision by the board of directors to fine Jensen and Trimarco.

I guess when others call you on your stupidity the only logical reaction is to get rid of them (rather then listen to what they have to say.)

Peace Wreath Creates Stir

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