Cox automated support rocks

Wow, the Cox automated IVR system for cable internet kicks ass. I was having very spotty connectivity since Friday. On Monday morning our connection went away entirely and the TV went, too. I called support and got a recording that they had a known outage in our area and had already rolled a truck.

On my way out to work I saw the truck coming around the corner. When I got home that night there was a truck near our house and the tech was on the radio with someone. TV was working now but internet connectivity still sucked.

The next day (Tuesday) our
 connection still sucked in the morning. When we walked the dogs at 6pm there was another Cox tech nearby and later that night our connection was back to normal (that as quick as a whip).

Sadly this morning our connection sucked again. Mind you for several days I was power cycling the cable modem and router multiple times per day with no effect. Tonight I called Cox support and it put me into the IVR
 system. Amazingly the system couldn’t ping my cable modem so it sent a reset to it, then it could ping. My connection was instantly back to its normal speed and I never had to talk to a human. I am going to have to Google for a way to send that reset command to the cable modem from my side to save even the phone call next time.

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