Churchill dropped from English curriculum

Not Their Finest Hour is an interesting read on the state of education in England, albeit with a conservative American bias. I stumbled across the article while doing a search for the etymology of the phrase “can’t win for losing” (don’t ask, Google sometimes takes you on weird tangents). I guess the bias is expected when the site is named The American Spectator.

Basically dropping Winston Churchill from the list of required historical figures to study in middle school is but one of many radical changes made recently. The source article is from the Daily Mail in the UK and is a more informative read I think. Below is the opening paragraph which hints at how far-reaching the changes are.

Secondary schools will strip back the traditional curriculum in favour of lessons on debt management, the environment and healthy eating, ministers revealed.

The original site where I found a link to the AS story was at LisaFab. The two articles that I happened to click on (the other was here about the new Pope’s writings about Jesus) are just links to American Spectator stories. In the spirit of researching before making a statement I clicked on several other links and all five were pointed at AS articles. I figured that this was either a shill site run by AS to direct more traffic to their site or Lisa is a hard-core right-wing conservative. A quick read of her bio page shows that must be the latter:

Lisa Fabrizio is a freelance writer who lives in the People’s Republic of Connecticut. She is a proud conservative whose aim is to recapture the public from the all-consuming fog of liberalism which seizes them early in school and pervades almost all aspects of their lives.

Now I know I link to lots of stories from here but they are from all over the place, not just a single site. I also try to provide at least a modicum of my own thoughts into my posts (although this one has more than other recent posts have).

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