Fun with RiffTrax

I ran across RiffTrax from a banner ad on Something Awful of all places. It’s Mike Nelson from MST3K who has recorded MP3 commentaries (lots of them with Kevin Murphy aka Tom Servo and Bill Corbett aka Crow). You buy the MP3 for about three or four bucks and listen to it while watching the DVD of the movie so it’s just like MST3K but without the robot silhouettes at the bottom.

It looks like he has over 40 titles already, some of them good SciFi (Fellowship of the Ring, The Matrix, The Grudge etc.) and some real stinkers (Point Break, Cocktail, Glitter). I think I may have to try one this weekend. The only drawback is that the truly funny ones are usually the crappiest movies and I hate to spend money on even renting them; I should try to find some crappy used copies on or something.

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