Dogs: 1, Sparrow: 0

A couple of nights ago on our walk Saratoga ran to the edge of one of the condo buildings and I could see a dark shape up against the wall, it was probably a little smaller than a baseball. She turned around and I see the feet & head of a small sparrow sticking out of her mouth as she held the body gently. I told her to drop it and put a little pressure on her jaws to help out. I saw the legs twitch but I don’t know if it was just a nervous system reaction or if it was still alive.

Sara was a good girl and released the bird but as it fell out of her mouth Jackson came running in and grabbed it by the tailfeathers and swung it into his mouth! He has a big problem dropping anything remotely edible and has very strong jaws so I had to just let him keep it. He took a few chomps & gulps and then the sparrow was gone. So far we haven’t seen any ill effects but I’m wondering if the beak & feet will digest enough before they come out. (Ewww.)

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