Holy crap, I actually played ClownShoes this week

I haven’t played Counterstrike in I don’t know how many years but I actually did a couple of times this week. How the hell could that happen you ask? It’s simple, really. I bought the Orange Box so that I could play Team Fortress 2 with my friends (not to mention that I loved TFC back on the original Half-Life engine). That came with CS for the Source engine so one night when my favorite TF2 server was full I jumped on  a CS server on a lark.

You know what? It was actually fun again. I think I just burned out on it from playing too much (I started back with Beta 4) and having too many jerks playing back in the day. The game looks much better with the new engine (not to mention my shiny new rig where I can crank up the video settings) just like TF.

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