Schedules Direct to the Rescue

Well a quick visit to the MythTV site led me to Schedules Direct which might be my replacement when the ReplayTV guide eventually goes away (which I know it will, at least it was available long enough to make my $200 “lifetime” subscription pay for itself and then some). SD is only charging $20 per year which is great, I may join just on principle to keep the project alive.

One of my future project was to build a homebrew  DVR at some point instead of buying one. All you need to do is get a nice PC enclosure and build a Linux box to load MythTV or Sage onto it with a giant hard drive and one or more TV tuner cards. Now that I know about SD I may still be able to go that route once my budget allows for it. Thank goodness hard drive prices have fallen through the floor since I’ll probably build an HD-capable box which will take a ton of drive space.

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