Ticket To Ride

I picked up Ticket to Ride from my local game shop to take with us to my parents’ house for vacation last week. This is an amazing game, very quick to learn but each time we played we picked up on more nuances. I really would like to find some local people to play so my wife & I don’t have to play by ourselves all the time.

I had asked my online buddies for suggestions for a board game to play with the family (Tripoley and Trivial Pursuit were getting old) and the most common suggestion was Ticket to Ride. Extra bonus: when you buy the game you get a code for six months of online play on the Days of Wonder site.

Official Ticket to Ride web site

I am a big fan of Board Game Geek and highly recommend it to anyone looking to buy a game, you can read reviews etc. before making a purchase. You can check out the Ticket to Ride page here. For geeks like me with a lot of board games it also offers a tool to track your collection.

On a related note I’m a big proponent of supporting your local shops, be they for games, hobbies or whatever. I could have bought this game online for $25 plus minimal shipping but I paid $40 plus sales tax at my local gaming shop, Pair-A-Dice Games, instead just to help them stay afloat. They offer a gaming room with different games each day (board games, Magic: The Gathering, LoTRO minis etc.)

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