Cat in a suitecase? That’s unpossible! (Not once, but twice)

Boy this one is wacky: not only does a cat fly from Florida to Texas in a suitcase but it isn’t even the owner who opens up the suitcase. Can you imagine picking up someone else’s suitcase by mistake, getting all the way home with it and then seeing a cat jump out when you open it?

I actually originally saw this story on my cell phone but found the full story at the AP web site when I got home. And wait, it gets better, while looking for this story I ran across another story where a Canadian lady ended up checking her cat by mistake also. This story was titled Cat is out of the bag on Saint John Airport Security though, leave it to the media to make everything sound scary.

“They had asked me, when they put … the luggage through the X-ray, whether I had a turkey,” Martell said.

“[Security] kept going back and forth with [the suitcase],” Martell said. “I was adamant. ‘Look, I have no turkey.'”

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