HDD storage cost bell curve

Like my friend Darana said this is Nerds R Us. Somebody compiled hard drive costs from Newegg and plotted a graph of GB/dollar across various drive sizes and came up with a basic point graph here. Looks like right now the sweet spot is 500GB drives where you can get just over 5GB for each of your hard-earned dollars (~$100). He did the same thing for flash memory cards but there isn’t an obvious sweet spot on the graph. The HDD plot is actually a slightly-skewed bell curve though.

His picture on the main page is a bit creepy but if he’s programming in Python, C and PHP and he is “currently 14.6906376277 years old” then he’s got a great future ahead of him. He’s even working on the PCB for a quad-rotor UAV.

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  1. Doppelbock says:

    Wow, I just checked that page again (which is updated daily) and the sweet spot is now the 1.5 TB drives and you now get about 17GB per dollar. Even after all of these years the downward spiral of technology costs can still amaze me sometimes.

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