Shameful plug: Live After Death DVD

Yep, I’m plugging someone else’s product but I don’t care. I think that Iron Maiden‘s Live After Death could be the best live concert recording ever. They are re-releasing it on DVD in a couple of days and at US$15 for two discs it’s a steal. Below is the teaser video from their site. I just might even pre-order it from Amazon.

Better yet their 2008 tour is named “Somewhere Back in Time” and according to it

revisits the band’s incredible history by focusing almost entirely on the ’80s in both choice of songs played and the stage set, which is based around the legendary Egyptian production of the 1984-85 Powerslave tour. This is arguably be the most elaborate and spectacular show the band have ever presented, and includes some key elements of their Somewhere In Time tour of 1986/7, such as the Cyborg Eddie.

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