LoTRO: Almost have a horse (finally)

I dinged 35 last night in LoTRO with my Elven Guardian (finally!) and have just over 5 gold. I already took the horse from the fields to Bree-town and am trudging back up there. Gads, I can’t wait until I can stop having to run everywhere!

What’s that you say? I said I’d never pay monthly for a game or play a MMORPG? Well last year when Lord of the Rings Online came out I figured I’d give it a try. I’d stayed away from the WoW bug that many of my friends had but being a lifelong Tolkien fan I couldn’t pass this one up.

Eight months later I’ve got my main character leveling up nicely and also a human alt Loremaster who’s at level 18 now.  One great thing about this alt is that his crafting profession is Scholar and my main is feeding him lots of relics so that even though he’s progressing as a scholar very slowly it would be even more slow without that feed.

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