Finally: ink!

Yes, I’m nearly 40 now and finally got my first tattoo tonight. I have thought about this for at least ten years and finally decided on exactly what I wanted. My dad is the original owner of a ’67 Corvette and I decided that having that on my arm forever would be a good way of remembering my childhood (he bought the car two years before I was born so it’s always been in my life) and also remind me of my Dad, all the time we spent rebuilding the carb etc. on that car.

I am not one to get a portrait of my family members inked so I thought this was a nice balance. Of course I now have the bug and am planning my next one already. I will probably get a paw print from our first dog Saratoga next but after that I want a Lovecraft/Giger type of creature, I can’t wait to provide some background info & images and let the artist go wild.

Anyway here’s what it looked like just before the bandage went on:

I just washed it off and it looks even better now, will post that pic tomorrow (no time to crop it tonight).

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