MST3K 20th Anniversary DVD Set

I don’t have time for a full Comic-Con write-up just yet but I did see the tin box for the MST3K 20th Anniversary DVD boxed set (4 discs). They told us at the booth (where I bought one of the 400 special 20th anniversary t-shirts with the same logo) that we could pre-order cheaper at Amazon now and then it will ship in October when it’s released. Sure enough, list price is $70 but the pre-order is only $49 at Amazon. I’ve already ordered mine, what are you waiting for?

One downer was that I missed out on the 20 year reunion of the original cast at the Con. Turns out after the fact that they cut off the line three hours before the panel and I only went about an hour ahead. Oh well, I had fun doing other stuff during those hours.

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