Warmachine Loot

Wow, I scored pretty well on Warmachine goodies for Xmas. My brother Gary got me a box of Idrian Skirmishers and an extra blister to bring the unit up to 8 guys. My wife let me pick out some stuff myself so I go the Idrian Chief & Guide unit attachment to bolster them. I also picked a box of Zealots, an extra blister and the Monolith Bearer unit attachment to make them even more nasty. I also chose a Castigator ‘jack so I can set stuff on fire and with two open hands he can pick up annoying enemies and throw them across the board. I’m going to be very busy putting all these together. I still want to pick up a Vassal of Menoth soon, too. My parents got me the Hordes: Primal book, too so that I have a better idea of what I’m facing (since half my games are against hordes).

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