Idrian Skirmishers get a little color

My brother got me a box of Idrian Skirmishers (plus a blister) for Christmas and I finally got around to priming them a few weeks ago, then got just a bit of paint on them. I did the leggings first (I’ll probably go back and do the shoes a darker brown) then Vallejo Chainmail Silver as the base coat for the metallics on the kopis (swords) and rifles. I then tried my hand at the skin tones, I was going for something a bit towards the almost metallic gray color of the fluff art in Legends. You can see it in the center figure’s face but the two on either side ended up with a bit much gray in them so they look quite pallid. The second image is the studio paint job for two of the normal troopers and the third is the unit attachment. I obviously won’t be able to paint at that level for quite a long time (if ever) but at least I feel like I’m getting better as I go along. I hope to start posting more works in progress & finished models this year.

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