Cox Tier 1 Support = Lame

So my router couldn’t get an IP via DHCP from my cable modem tonight for some reason. I first go through my usual ritual of power cycling the modem, then the router (which works 50% of the time). No dice, still getting on the router. I then call up Cox tech support, using their automated system will get me back up & running about 90% of the time. Unfortunately tonight the IVR piped me into the queue for a live ticket taker.

Even more unfortunate was her attitude. I explained that even after power cycling both pieces of equipment my router was not getting an IP via the cable modem. Her instant response was “Cox does not troubleshoot wireless routers” so I explained that the router is wired directly to the modem. She then said “Cox does not troubleshoot routers” and we went around and around. Finally she decided to try to help me by walking me the long way through Start > Run > Cmd and doing an ipconfig. I played along to that point but told her that this info wouldn’t help since my computer was getting its IP from the router and the router wasn’t getting a valid IP from Cox.

I then insisted on speaking to a Tier 2 tech so she put me on hold for about three minutes. Of course just before she picked back up the router finally got an IP (since I kept clicking the Renew button in the interface). The sad part is that I asked about the intelligent IVR that usually takes care of the problem by remotely resetting my cable modem and such and she said they still have it so I’m frustrated that I had to speak to a ticket taker when the IVR does a better job.

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