Neat article about NAT and port 666

I found this article interesting reading and haven’t even touched the comments yet. It’s about how NAT really isn’t a security measure and explains why. Extra bonus: a Star Trek TOS story to open the article:

How many Star Trek classic fans are in the house? Man, I just love that show. I honestly believe that is was Star Trek that generated my interest in engineering and of course kept me from getting dates until college, but that’s a story for my therapist. There is an episode called “The Corbomite Maneuver,” where the intergalactic King of Cool Captain Kirk bluffs a goober alien into thinking he has a heavy duty bomb onboard and the alien backs off. Then he, Spock and Scotty drink a case of Newcastle and ash out a Cohiba. OK, I am kidding about that part; Spock wasn’t there.

Port 666 at Network World

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