Android finally coming to Verizon

It’s a good thing I didn’t pick up a new handset from Verizon yet since I just read that they should have an Android handset out in October. I don’t know what it will be (haven’t had time to research it yet) but it looks like the Motorola Calgary should be out in the December/January time frame (although that’s old news; image below. The only downside is that VZN will probably lock the crap out of their Android stuff like they do all the other handsets.

Gizmodo article on Android at Verizon

PC Magazine article from today quoted below:

Verizon Wireless will launch a range of Android-powered “feature phones, PDAs, netbooks … speciality devices” and smartphones for the United States’ largest wireless carrier beginning “in a few weeks,” Verizon Wireless chief executive Lowell McAdam said Tuesday.

“This is a family of devices – it’s not just a smartphone or PDA,” he said.

McAdam was speaking as part of a joint announcement with Google of a comprehensive partnership between Google and Verizon, where the two companies will “co-develop a family of Android based devices … with innovative applications from both our companies,” McAdam said. Two phones will arrive this year, with many more devices coming in 2010, he said. The two companies have been talking about a partnership for at least the past 18 months, McAdam said.

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  1. Doppelbock says:

    I ended up getting the Motorola Droid about six weeks ago and really like it. The keyboard obviously isn’t the same but otherwise the form factor is okay. It’s a bit large but considering I’m carrying an Internet-connected computer (that also happens to make phone calls) I think it’s worth the tradeoff.

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