First Malifaux Purchase

Well my first model purchase (since I got the book a couple of weeks ago).

I had my LGS order me the Red Chapel Gang and the Miners & Steamfitters Union boxed sets. I wanted to be able to demo the game but stupidly ordered only the Resurrectionists deck (so I should have that next week). For you non-gamers Malifaux is a really neat miniatures game that combines victorian horror, steampunk and wild west themes all in one game. The startup cost seems to be a bit less than Warmachine or Hordes, a box is about $30 and you can add extra models for less than $10 each. Best of all (from an assembly and painting time perspective) there are no full-sized units, the closest is a few things that come with maybe three models. (Of course one big exception is the arachnid swarms in my Arcanists set, there are six individual spider models but they are tiny.)

For anyone interested the publisher’s site is and if you Google “Malifaux review” there are several good ones out there so I won’t bother reviewing the whole game. Future posts will include my thoughts on specific topics but no general overview. I will probably do one of those goofy box-opening videos just for fun, too.

The surprising thing was the small size of the boxes (since I’m used to the size of a Warmachine battle box). The second picture shows one set next to the box for my Gravus solo.

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