Comic-Con 2010: Small Press

Probably my favorite part of Comic-Con is meeting the writers and artists in person. The best place to do that is the Small Press area and one of my first stops every year is to see Keith Knight, creator of The K Chronicles, (Th)ink and The Knight Life. If you aren’t familiar with his work do yourself a huge favor and pick up one of his books, I don’t know how to describe his art style except to say that it’s entertaining. His writing is always funny and every once in a while he touches on current social issues and will really make you think. Check out his official site at to see the daily (Th)ink single-panel comics as well as the weekly K Chronicles; if you enjoy it then go all out and get the The Complete K Chronicles.

I again saw Keith at a spotlight panel about him & his work but this year was special: he was awarded an Ink Pot award which was a complete surprise to him. It surprised me as well since I thought they only gave those out at a special banquet. Even though Keith will re-use certain strips in his panels I always enjoy attending since I am guaranteed to laugh the whole time.

This year I picked up the latest K Chronicles book, I Left My Arse in San Francisco as well as the first Knight Life book, “Chivalry Ain’t Dead“.

This year I also met Stan Yan, creator of The Wang. He was great fun to talk to so I bought his latest book, Erection Year and he did a neat drawing inside for me. My wife gets migraines from MSG which I mentioned to him since the front cover says “NOW WITH MSG!” so the character he drew inside (Wang’s mother) is saying “MSG is good for you!”

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