Music Review: Grifter

For many years I’ve just been recycling all my old favorites but this year I decided that it’s a shame to not pick up some new artists so the first one on my list was Grifter from the UK (full bio is on their site). They have been around a while but their first full album was just released last month. I guess I’d have to describe it as power rock, heavy rock or something of that nature. It’s just good hard driving music and I really enjoy it quite a lot. I’m no music critic so I can’t really do them justice but if you grew up listening to hard rock & metal in the 80’s like I did you should do yourself a favor and go grab this record right away.

Grifter’s web site

Grifter Logo

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  2. Doppelbock says:

    Thanks for the linkback on the Grifter web site. Sorry that I’m not much of a music critic, I just really have a hard time putting my thoughts on paper if you will. I don’t have the writing chops of the guys over at Ripple (for example) but I know what I like!

  3. Doppelbock says:

    Site moved this week so the “/blog” isn’t part of the URL any longer.

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