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After 6+ years I finally decided to revisit the About page for the site, below is the text to save you having to click on the link.

I decided that it was time to change up my site a little bit in January 2012, at the bottom of this page is the original “About” text from when the site was started in June 2005. I have decided that in addition to classic geek interests like computers & gaming that I’m a geek for beer, too. I also definitely have certain specific genres of music that I like: metal, punk and good old fashioned blues (like Chicago blues, delta blues etc.) While that isn’t really geeky it is definitely a niche so I thought why not focus my posts a bit more into those areas.

I am going to try to start posting a weekly beer report since I try something new almost every week of the year. I’ve just started buying new music again in 2011 thanks to my buddies at Ripple Music so I will try to learn how to write a decent record review. I wrote one for the new Grifter album but it is poorly written and doesn’t convey much to the user besides “I really love this record”.

You are probably wondering “Who is Doppelbock and why does he post this crap?” I’m just a geek who has been into computers since my old Apple ][+ in sixth grade. I love to mess around with web applications these days and WordPress impressed me.

So here I was with blog software and nothing special to write about. That’s why I just post stuff that happens to me, weird links from the Internet and generally just random crap. Some day I might come up with a coherent theme for the site but I’m not a very creative person (can’t paint, can’t write (I would love to write sci-fi, can’t play/compose music etc.) so writing original content is tough for me.

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