Comic-Con 2012 Initial Report

Well I overdid it again (as usual) and came home with 16 pounds of trade paperbacks yesterday. Literally 16 pounds, I put my backpack on the scale. Lots of continuing series like the next Hellboy, BPRD, 30 Days of Night etc. but also some new stuff like the first Walking Dead. One shop had half-off TPBs so I went nuts. I got the 1st Preacher TPB last year and this year I finally got the second so now I can go back to re-read the series from the start; I had collected the individual issues from #16 to the end but never had the beginning of the story.

Also being a huge Garth Ennis fan I picked up the first two The Boys TPBs to get started on. I am trying to figure out how I’m going to control myself when I return on Sunday since I still have a lot of new stuff on my wish list that I didn’t get yesterday.

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