Painting Backlog i.e. Wall of Shame

I have gotten into a really bad habit of continually buying models without finishing what I already own. The closest I have to 100% complete models would be my Protectorate battle box that I bought in the summer of 2008. I had them about as done as I could by the end of that year and clear coated them but didn’t ever highlight them. I also need to go back and put the Sanguine Highlight color on the Menofix symbols since I started doing that for the entire army a while back.

Beyond those my models range from the base coating being almost done all the way down to bare metal glued on the base. I really do prefer to play with painted models but sometimes when I get a new model I just want to get it on the table so I slap it on a base to get playing.

On somebody’s blog this year I read a good idea for a painting goal: average at least one model completed per week for the entire year. That won’t get me entirely caught up but would make a good dent. Since I have at least three Warmachine units to finish those will probably get done in groups of 6-10 which will help.

At any rate to help me reach at least that minimal goal I figured I would employ the age old technique of public humiliation. I am posting my collection below with the current status of each model. I will try to get at least a few pics of the partially completed models up soon. Then I’ll post periodic updates with completed pics as I get models done. I created a static page for the list and update it as I make progress; I will move completed models down to a separate section so I can see how much progress I have really made.

Warmachine Backlog
Rupert – 95% base coated, needs arm glued on
Eiryss – 25% base coated
Gorman – 40% base coated, sand base needs drybrushing
Taryn di laRovissi – 25% base coated, sand base needs details
Rutger Shaw – 25% base coated, sand base needs details
Buccaneer – base coated all blue, one arm not attached
pMagnus – primed
Ogrun Assault Corps x5 – primed

Captain Jonas Murdoch – 70% base coated
Storm Tower – assembled except arms, not primed, need to move to resin bases
3 Stormsmiths – 60% base coated
Junior – 25% base coated
pStryker – 50% base coated
Storm Blades x6 – assembled on resin bases
Storm Blade UA – assembled on resin bases
Storm Blade WA – assembled on resin base
Charger – 75% base coated
Lancer – 70% base coated
Firefly – assembled
Stormclad – assembled except banner
Ironclad – 70% base coated
Heavy Plastic Kit Defender/Cyclone/Ironclad – not touched yet, will be magnetized

Protectorate of Menoth
Choir x4 – primed
Choir x6 – 70% base coated
Reclaimer – 15% base coated
Zealots x10 – 75% base coated
Monolith Bearer – 90% base coated
Idrians x8 – 65% base coated
Idrians x2 – primed
Idrians UA – primed and some base coating done
Hierophant – 30% base coated
Vilmon – base coated, needs highlights and washing
Paladin – 70% base coated
Vassal Mechanic – 65% base coated
Vassal – needs highlights/shading
Vassal – 15% base coated
Errants x6 – 95% base coated
Errants x4 – 10% base coated
Errant UA – 60% base coated
Flameguard x12 – primed
Flameguard UA –
Gravus – 40% base coated
Gravus mounted – 70% base coated
pKreoss – needs highlights & washes, sand base needs details
eKreoss – 80% base coated, banners not attached
pSeverius – 40% base coated
Redeemer – needs highlights & washes, sand base needs drybrushing
Revenger – needs highlights & washes, sand base needs drybrushing
Repenter – 99% base coated, needs highlights & washes, sand base needs drybrushing
Reznik – 65% base coated, wrack not attached
Wracks – base coated, people & chains not touched
Crusader – 95% base coated, needs highlights & washes, sand base needs drybrushing
Castigator – 75% base coated
Exemplar Seneschal – 50% base coated
Errant Seneschal – primed
BoV – 75% base coated
Bastions x5 – assembled
Avatar – assembled
Heavy Plastic Kit Crusader/Templar/Vanquisher – assembled but needs stronger magnets

Malifaux Model Backlog
I have set Malifaux aside for the moment since the new 2nd edition is in the middle of the release cycle so not all models have updated stats yet.

Masters of the Path boxed set – not started
Rotten Belles x3 – base coated, need highlights, shading and washes
Crooked Men – partially base coated, mounted on partially painted resin bases
The Hanged – mounted on hill base, partly base coated
Copycat Killer – partly base coated, mounted on partially painted resin base
Zombie Chihuahua – partly base coated, tombstone on base
Sybelle – almost done base coated
Seamus – 80% base coated
McMourning – 10% base coated
bête Noire – 50% base coated
Canine Remains – 3 solid base coated, 1 primed
Mortimer – 50% base coated
Von Schill – based on cork, flesh & boots base coated
Night Terrors – 2x solid base coated, mounted on cork bases
Flesh Construct – 70% base coated

Soulstone Miner – base coated in translucent silver
Steamborg Executioner – mounted on resin base (25% base coated) 70% base coated
Female Gunsmith – primed
Ramos – resin base base coated, 75% base coated
Mobile Toolkit – resin base base coated, 90% base coated
6 Arachnids – mounted on resin bases, base coated
Arachnid Swarm – resin base 25% base coated, spiders base coated
Johan – 10% base coated
Electrical Creation – resin base 70% base coated, 90% base coated
Hunter – partially assembled

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