Weekly Beer Update #4

This is too funny: I had intended to do a weekly blog post about beer at some point but this one got stuck as a draft. I think that was four years ago! I have more trouble writing on a regular basis than I expected but here it is. I don’t think that I will be continuing with this idea unless something unexpected happens.


2/19 Indra Kunindra from Ballast Point Brewing Company (bomber). This was a collaboration with a homebrew contest winner and was brewed with curry spice, coconut, kaffir lime leaf, cayenne & cumin. My wife noted the coconut aroma from the glass but my poor sense of smell didn’t pick that up. This one was a bit too spicy (not hot but just too much spice for me).

2/21 The Dogfather imperial stout (bomber) from Laughing Dog Brewing (Idaho)

2/22 Moose Drool brown ale (six pack) from Big Sky

2/24 Bison Organic Chocolate Stout (bomber) from

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