Review: The Boys, Volume 3: Good For The Soul

The Boys, Volume 3: Good For The Soul
The Boys, Volume 3: Good For The Soul by Garth Ennis
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This is one of the times where I read part of a book then put it down because I got distracted by something new and shiny. In this case I read the first third or so and didn’t pick it up again for well over six months. I finally got back to it and was pleasantly surprise at the halfway mark or so to see Wee Hughie visit The Legend and get a history lesson on The Seven and V.A.C./Vought American.

The second half of this book was mostly world building as it tells the reader the story of how supes (i.e. superheroes) came into the world and how much of their obnoxious behavior was hidden behind the smokescreen of their comic books. This collection was published in 2008 and weaves in some recent history in a very intriguing way. The writing was absolutely amazing, it was very emotionally engaging and a bit upsetting because I felt like if we had real supes in our world that some greedy scumbags would have made the same decisions that their counterparts in this book made. The way the back story was so tightly intertwined with real history was outstanding, I was completely drawn in and will definitely read the next volume right away.

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