Painting Backlog i.e. Wall of Shame

I have gotten into a really bad habit of continually buying models without finishing what I already own. The closest I have to 100% complete models would be my Protectorate battle box that I bought in the summer of 2008. I had them about as done as I could by the end of that year and clear coated them but didn’t ever highlight them. I also need to go back and put the Sanguine Highlight color on the Menofix symbols since I started doing that for the entire army a while back.

Beyond those my models range from the base coating being almost done all the way down to bare metal glued on the base. I really do prefer to play with painted models but sometimes when I get a new model I just want to get it on the table so I slap it on a base to get playing.

On somebody’s blog this year I read a good idea for a painting goal: average at least one model completed per week for the entire year. That won’t get me entirely caught up but would make a good dent. Since I have at least three Warmachine units to finish those will probably get done in groups of 6-10 which will help.

At any rate to help me reach at least that minimal goal I figured I would employ the age old technique of public humiliation. I am posting my collection below with the current status of each model. I will try to get at least a few pics of the partially completed models up soon. Then I’ll post periodic updates with completed pics as I get models done. I created a static page for the list and update it as I make progress; I will move completed models down to a separate section so I can see how much progress I have really made.

Warmachine Backlog
Rupert – 95% base coated, needs arm glued on
Eiryss – 25% base coated
Gorman – 40% base coated, sand base needs drybrushing
Taryn di laRovissi – 25% base coated, sand base needs details
Rutger Shaw – 25% base coated, sand base needs details
Buccaneer – base coated all blue, one arm not attached
pMagnus – primed
Ogrun Assault Corps x5 – primed

Captain Jonas Murdoch – 70% base coated
Storm Tower – assembled except arms, not primed, need to move to resin bases
3 Stormsmiths – 60% base coated
Junior – 25% base coated
pStryker – 50% base coated
Storm Blades x6 – assembled on resin bases
Storm Blade UA – assembled on resin bases
Storm Blade WA – assembled on resin base
Charger – 75% base coated
Lancer – 70% base coated
Firefly – assembled
Stormclad – assembled except banner
Ironclad – 70% base coated
Heavy Plastic Kit Defender/Cyclone/Ironclad – not touched yet, will be magnetized

Protectorate of Menoth
Choir x4 – primed
Choir x6 – 70% base coated
Reclaimer – 15% base coated
Zealots x10 – 75% base coated
Monolith Bearer – 90% base coated
Idrians x8 – 65% base coated
Idrians x2 – primed
Idrians UA – primed and some base coating done
Hierophant – 30% base coated
Vilmon – base coated, needs highlights and washing
Paladin – 70% base coated
Vassal Mechanic – 65% base coated
Vassal – needs highlights/shading
Vassal – 15% base coated
Errants x6 – 95% base coated
Errants x4 – 10% base coated
Errant UA – 60% base coated
Flameguard x12 – primed
Flameguard UA –
Gravus – 40% base coated
Gravus mounted – 70% base coated
pKreoss – needs highlights & washes, sand base needs details
eKreoss – 80% base coated, banners not attached
pSeverius – 40% base coated
Redeemer – needs highlights & washes, sand base needs drybrushing
Revenger – needs highlights & washes, sand base needs drybrushing
Repenter – 99% base coated, needs highlights & washes, sand base needs drybrushing
Reznik – 65% base coated, wrack not attached
Wracks – base coated, people & chains not touched
Crusader – 95% base coated, needs highlights & washes, sand base needs drybrushing
Castigator – 75% base coated
Exemplar Seneschal – 50% base coated
Errant Seneschal – primed
BoV – 75% base coated
Bastions x5 – assembled
Avatar – assembled
Heavy Plastic Kit Crusader/Templar/Vanquisher – assembled but needs stronger magnets

Malifaux Model Backlog
I have set Malifaux aside for the moment since the new 2nd edition is in the middle of the release cycle so not all models have updated stats yet.

Masters of the Path boxed set – not started
Rotten Belles x3 – base coated, need highlights, shading and washes
Crooked Men – partially base coated, mounted on partially painted resin bases
The Hanged – mounted on hill base, partly base coated
Copycat Killer – partly base coated, mounted on partially painted resin base
Zombie Chihuahua – partly base coated, tombstone on base
Sybelle – almost done base coated
Seamus – 80% base coated
McMourning – 10% base coated
bête Noire – 50% base coated
Canine Remains – 3 solid base coated, 1 primed
Mortimer – 50% base coated
Von Schill – based on cork, flesh & boots base coated
Night Terrors – 2x solid base coated, mounted on cork bases
Flesh Construct – 70% base coated

Soulstone Miner – base coated in translucent silver
Steamborg Executioner – mounted on resin base (25% base coated) 70% base coated
Female Gunsmith – primed
Ramos – resin base base coated, 75% base coated
Mobile Toolkit – resin base base coated, 90% base coated
6 Arachnids – mounted on resin bases, base coated
Arachnid Swarm – resin base 25% base coated, spiders base coated
Johan – 10% base coated
Electrical Creation – resin base 70% base coated, 90% base coated
Hunter – partially assembled

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Short album review: Junkyard by Rust

I found the band Rust via a quick posting on the Ripple Effect blog and the one track they had in the post was so good I went and bought the whole album at Band Camp. The first minute or so of Horse Head sounds a lot like classic Black Sabbath but there’s a lot more to the album than that. If you have five bucks to spare and like sludge/stoner rock do yourself a favor and grab this album ASAP.

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Big Beer Buy for September

I finally spent my groupon at Holiday Wine Cellar, here’s what $100 of beer looks like to a beer geek:


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How many Justin Biebers could you take in a fight?

How many Justin Biebers could you take in a fight?

Created by Oatmeal

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Malifaux 2nd Edition

Malifaux 2nd Edition is here (otherwise known as M2E). I am reposting below what I posted on my local gaming club’s forums, feel free to add comments here or visit the forums at

I haven’t done anything but skim through the cards and start reading some of the rules but didn’t get very far and certainly haven’t played a game of M2E yet. I am not sure if M2E drove me back to playing Warmachine or if I was getting back into WM due to the new Convergence of Cyriss faction release first.

My first impressions on the art are that most of them are in a style that I don’t like. Maybe part of it is that I have a vision of each model in my head from the old art and when someone like McMourning looks so different it bugs me but we’ll see.

Candy (where is Kade?)

My biggest beef is the release schedule. They only put out Book 1 models plus extras for the factions that are new since then. How are we supposed to really test this thing with only a very limited number of models? I much preferred Privateer’s way of releasing beta rules for all existing models all at once and it seems like they might have had more models to deal with for the Mk II beta. It feels like Wyrd was rushing to get something out before Gen-Con but this mixed schedule just doesn’t feel right. I think that the true beta would start when all the new model rules are out in August but by then it’s probably too late to be making player-suggested changes to the core rules. There will be only 4-5 months of true full beta before the new book comes out and I don’t know if they are going to do one giant-ass book with all the models or do a new Book 1 (2nd edition) and then faction books or something.

I have listened to all the beta release podcasts with all the company statements from Mack and Justin and read some feedback (especially from Bill at Gamers Lounge on his Dead Tau Project blog). I don’t have any first-hand play experience but so far the upgrade system bugs me. It sounded good in theory on the podcasts but once I got a look at the cards I was disappointed. I feel like my master will have a butt-load of upgrade cards to manage on the table (literally) and I don’t like that pretty much every model can do at least one upgrade; I expected them to be limited to Masters at the start. Upgrades seem like a good way to tweak a model later if it turns out to be under performing or overcosted I suppose.

While Wyrd played up the idea of “optional complexity” via the upgrades I think that was always possible. One of the first tips I read when I got into Malifaux Classic (as Bill calls it) was that when you first start with a new master (or even other complex models) pick one or two abilites and focus on those for a couple of games before you start trying to use more and more abilities. I don’t like that Wyrd stripped down the Masters and makes you buy back their abilities.

The other thing I don’t like about upgrades is that when my opponent brings Sonia Criid to the table I won’t fully what she will be like since she can be different every time with upgrades. Wyrd is using that variability as a selling point but if you want to be competitive at all you need to know what you are facing and having to remember a different combination of upgrades every game is not going to help with that.

I like that the whole scheme mechanic was reworked and you can score relatively more points for them now. Scheme markers seem like a good idea but I want to see them in practice. I am on the fence about the scheme pool mechanic. It sounds great for tournament play, not so much for casual play though IMO. I still need to read through all the schemes though.

I know that one of the goals for Wyrd in M2E was to make the game more accessible to new players. I felt like the original Malifaux would be a bit daunting to play as someone’s first tabletop miniatures game, I think that I had a leg up having played WM/H for a few years before trying Malifaux. That being said Wyrd has declared that they didn’t remove any complexity in the game yet made it easier for new people to pick up. I guess only time will tell if that’s correct but it seems to me like they kind of tweaked the soul of Malifaux enough that it may not be the same game to veterans. I do realize that from a business point of view that losing a few veterans in exchange for a potentially huge new player pool over the next five years is obviously a good trade-off for Wyrd and people just have to deal with that fact.

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New Year, More Beers

So last year’s idea to publish a weekly recap of the new beers that I try didn’t work out so well. I am not sure why that is but I am going to give it a go this year. Maybe by using Untappd on my phone I can use that as a reminder instead of keeping a separate text list.

I’ll kick off the new year with what I had during my long weekend in Central California. I visited my parents & brother for a late Christmas and took a bottle of “You’ll Shoot Your Eye Out, Kid” with me. It’s a winter warmer (with the typical spices etc.) that is made with 20% by volume organic apple cider during the boil. It was quite interesting indeed but probably one of those brews that I am glad I tried once but will probably not revisit. This was brewed by Noble Ale Works and I’m surprised I hadn’t heard of them before as they are just up the road from me in Anaheim.

We went to the Firestone Walker taproom/restaurant for dinner so I started off with a taster of Unfiltered DBA. The normal DBA (Double Barrel Ale) is partially fermented in wood barrels but this version was 100% from barrels. I didn’t see a big difference in taste myself, it was good be just slightly different than the normal stuff.

My other taster was the Double DBA. This was a limited release back in July 2012 (3500 cases) and I picked up a bottle at that time. About a week later I couldn’t decide if I wanted to drink it then or cellar it. I decided to do both and went hunting for a second bottle but couldn’t find one. I decided to cellar it after all so it was a pleasant surprise to get a chance to try it on tap last week. It was really good and not boozy at all. I think I’ll break it out for its first birthday.

Lastly I had one of my favorite porters ever, Velvet Merlin, on nitro. It was even better that way with a super creamy head. I tried the 805 blonde for the first time and it was okay but I prefer brunettes over blondes in general. I ended up bringing some home since my parents didn’t want to finish off their case.

That all being said I’ll give it the old college try this year to post at least 2-3 times per month with my favorite new beers; if I get into the groove maybe I’ll get to the weekly updates of everything I’ve tried that week.

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Game of Thrones Beers | Hop Talk

I love this article: even though I haven’t read nor watched AGoT I got a good laugh out of it.

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What’s in the Cellar

I had all the best intentions of writing up at least my weekly beer experiences but obviously that didn’t work out. I guess that will be a new year’s resolution for me. In the meantime I am going to add a sidebar showing what I have “in the cellar” i.e. my tiny dorm sized fridge or next to the wine rack for aging. Here’s what I have right now:

Stone Vertical Epic Series: 09.09.09, 10.10.10, 11.11.11 and 12.12.12

Stone Imperial Russian Stout 2012 (I wish I had been keeping a bottle each year, I hear the 2004 is great now)

Shmaltz Brewing Jewbelation 15 with 15 malts and 15 hops

Shmaltz Brewing 16th Anniversary Jewbelation Sweet 16 (but since I live in California the label is “California Edition 16”) with 16 malts, 16 hops in 16 additions and it clocks in at 16%

Firestone Walker Double DBA imperial special bitter

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Alpine Beer Co & New Belgium Collaboration IPA

I didn’t even realize this beer was coming until I saw it at Fuller’s today. Limit 1 per customer (as seems common for Alpine bottles now) so I grabbed one for the weekend. Nice painted label on the bomber, the Super India Pale Ale name is on the hero’s cape. Alpine’s blog entry


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Comic-Con 2012 Initial Report

Well I overdid it again (as usual) and came home with 16 pounds of trade paperbacks yesterday. Literally 16 pounds, I put my backpack on the scale. Lots of continuing series like the next Hellboy, BPRD, 30 Days of Night etc. but also some new stuff like the first Walking Dead. One shop had half-off TPBs so I went nuts. I got the 1st Preacher TPB last year and this year I finally got the second so now I can go back to re-read the series from the start; I had collected the individual issues from #16 to the end but never had the beginning of the story.

Also being a huge Garth Ennis fan I picked up the first two The Boys TPBs to get started on. I am trying to figure out how I’m going to control myself when I return on Sunday since I still have a lot of new stuff on my wish list that I didn’t get yesterday.

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How to Pack & Ship Beer (by Barlow Brewing)

I have just started trading beer through the mail and a friend of mine shared this link to a great article on how to ship beer. It’s from the Barlow Brewing blog and is very comprehensive. I will be shipping out my first bottles of Pliny the Elder back to Indiana today so wish me luck.

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Weekly Beer Report #3

2/12 Sculpin IPA by Ballast Point at Slater’s 50/50 in Liberty Station. I ordered My Bloody Valentine from Alesmith since it’s a seasonal but they “just ran out” somehow right when I ordered. The waitress kindly brought me a shot glass of Arrogant Bastard to try instead but since I can get that anytime I opted for the harder to find Sculpin. They did have a huge selection on draft but I was overwhelmed and with the food on the way already I didn’t have time to ponder the whole menu.

2/17 Eye of the Hawk “Select Ale” from Mendocino Brewing Co. (bomber). I’d class this as a pale ale, not hoppy enough to be an IPA.

2/17 DogZilla Black IPA from Laughing Dog in Idaho (bomber). I have always loved porters & stouts so Black IPAs are right up my alley: nice and hoppy but with the roastiness of a darker beer. This was a good one.

2/18 Magic Hat #9 (fruity “not quite pale ale” from Vermont) on tap at Slater’s. A little too sweet for my taste, it was classed in the Fruity section of the beer menu.

2/18 New English ESB (San Diego) on tap at Slater’s. This was a good example of a classic English bitter.

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Order of the Stick Kickstarter

Only five days left to contribute to the Kickstarter fund to help reprint the Order of the Stick books. They are way over the goal already but there are gifts for donating and I figure that I could kick in a few bucks for all the enjoyment I’ve gotten reading the comics on the web already. If you ever played an RPG (especially D&D) you need to read this comic, utterly hilarious.

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Weekly Beer Update #2

Yes this “weekly” update is extremely late but with reason: the co-located server that I was on had issues so I had to migrate to a new host. The site seems a bit slow at times but at least it’s not totally down now. I figured I’d do a sort of catch-up post and try to get back to regular postings next week.

Since the last update I went to a great Super Bowl party thrown by some beer geek friends where I got to taste Hoptologist Imperial IPA from Knee Deep Brewing Co. as well as the old standbys Alesmith X and IPA.

On my own I had the following:
White Hawk Select IPA from Mendocino Brewing
90 Minute IPA from Dogfish Head (very good but the best IPA in the country? Debateable)
Lagunitas Bavarian-Styled Doppel Weizen, a great malty tasting brew
Belgo, a Belgian IPA from New Belgium Brewing
Abita 25th Anniversary Vanilla Doubledog, a really great vanilla porter (probably one of the best I’ve had)
Gift of the Magi, a spiced winter brew from Lost Abbey with Frankincence and Myrrh herbs
Chateau Rogue Dirtoir Black Lager from Rogue Ales, all organic and locally grown ingredients
Peculiar Yule from Nøgne O in Norway
Red Trolley from Karl Strauss, an Irish red ale (decent and definitely better than what they bottled many years ago via contract)
Wipeout IPA from Pizza Port (I unwisely bought a bottle dated from last August or September and it definitely tasted a bit stale)

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Weekly Beer Report #1

Velvet Merlin

I decided that since I try at least one new beer nearly every week that it might be fun (for me even if not for my readers) to post a list every week of the beers I’ve had since the last report. Since we’re just into January I’m going to cheat a bit on this first one and cover what I had over the holidays, then post separately every week for January.

December Holidays
I am very lucky that when my parents retired they moved up to central California just a few miles from the Firestone Walker brewery. We drove up on Christmas Eve and took the last brewery tour of the day. In fact it was just the seven of us from the family so it ended up being a private tour of sorts. Now I’ve been on several brewery tours over the years so the basic stuff was nothing new but it was really neat to see the Burton Union system in person. (In fact I need to have someone send me the pictures of us standing in front of the barrels). Basically they take the fermenting beer out of the main tank and let it ferment for about a week in the oak barrels, then return it to the main tank (that’s a very simplified description). I know they do this for their Double Barrel Ale (which is a great beer) and I think that’s the only one it’s used for.

The highlight of that trip was sharing a couple of tasting flights with my brother and sister-in-law, specifically the Velvet Merkin. This is the bourbon barrel version of Velvet Merlin oatmeal stout. The bourbon scent was so strong I could smell it by the time the glass was still 3-4″ away from my nose. This one is available only at the tap room if I remember correctly, possibly on tap at local bars as well. Great beer but definitely not a session brew by any means. You can only imagine my amusement watching my brother explain to our parents the definition of merkin.

I was finally able to try the standard Velvet Merlin oatmeal stout on tap and it’s a great beer in its own right. Without the strong bourbon note I could easily have several in one sitting. The is one of my favorite stouts, but sadly Merlin is a winter only seasonal brew. I had heard before that the normal version of this brew was originally named Velvet Merkin but when it went into wider distribution they changed the name (see this article at The Full Pint). The tour guide didn’t know anything about a name change, he told us they were just different beers but then again he had only been working there a couple of months at the time.

Other beers at the tap room were Pale 31 , Solace wheat beer, Union Jack IPA (not bad but then again I’m spoiled by all the great West Coast IPAs in San Diego), and a good pilsener; of course I forgot to write down the name and it’s not on the web site, either. I don’t think I even had the DBA (Double Barrel Ale) on tap that day since there were so many others to try.

Walker’s Reserve Porter was great on tap (I’d had the bottled version before), it spends “spend several months, even years in a combination of retired bourbon, Firestone Union and wine barrels.” I’m eager to try the other styles in the Reserve series.

My brother is a serious homebrewer in New Mexico now and he brought six beers for a tasting. His Grandpa’s Scotch Wee Heavy won Best Ale at the state fair last year and he’s won the last two quarterly homebrew club contests so he’s really on a roll. I am very jealous of his 4-headed homemade kegerator and all-grain homebrew setup.

To end the year I decided to give the Samuel Adams Infinium 2011 a try. At about $22 for a 750ml bottle it was pricey but I figured New Year’s Eve was a special occasion. It was a pretty good tasting beer but not really my style. I’m not sure why I even tried it since I don’t like champagne and that was the stated goal of this beer: use traditional brewing methods and ingredients to make a champagne-like beer. I think they succeeded in that regard but it’s just not my style.

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